Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sakkara The Stepped Pyramid of King Zoser

Imhotep, the legendary architect of the stepped pyramid of king zoser, the titles of Imhotep include Sage, Architect, High Priest, Astronomer, Doctor and Master of the Mysteries. According to accepted dating the stepped pyramid was built in 2650 B.C. Imhotep named the stepped pyramid “Horus is the star at the head of the sky”. Outside the stepped pyramid is a structure known as the Serdab, the Serdab is a stone cubicle in which a seated statue of king zoser sits. In the stone cubicle containing the statue there are two holes drilled so that the statue of the king appears to be looking out through the holes at the sky. The stone cubicle itself is tilted back at an angle so that the seated king has a perfect view of the stars in the northern area of the night sky. The stepped pyramid the, kings stairway to heaven, is a six tiered pyramid serving an astronomical function. Each lawyer of the pyramid represented five degrees of the dome of the sky. The rotating circular pathway of the stars are observable as they intersect with the pyramid providing a relationship with the esoteric concept of squaring the circle, the celestial circular pathway of the stars and the terrestrial square of the pyramid. Sakkara, representing the 5th Chakra in the system of the chakras of the Nile, is the centre of our communication determining how we interact with the Universe through vocalisation and the process of Thought. The Sound Healing Temple of Sakkara was used to increase the vibratory rate and accelerate higher consciousness of the Mystery School Initiate. The knowledge, being passed down through Myth and Mythology of the use of Sound Technology in the construction of the Temples and Pyramids and the use of Sound as a healing medium is now again being understood. The ancient wisdom was written in stone.

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