Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Medinet Habu & the God Thoth

Medinet Habu, the "City of Habu", Djamet, it was both a Temple and a complex of temples dating from the New Kingdom. Th Main temple area is knownas the moruary temple of Ramses 111. The temple It adjoins the cultivation at the southern end of the Theban necropolis, opposite southern Luxor. The area was one of the earliest places within the Theban region to be associated with the worship of Amun. Hetshepsut and Tutmosis III built a small temple to Amun on the site of an earlier structure.

The temples holy ground was believed to be where the Ogdoad, the four pairs of first primeval gods, were buried. The word Habu is connected with the word hbw which means ibis, the sacred bird of Thoth. Thoth was the Master of the City of Eight which was located in Khnum, Hermopolis, the home of the Ogdoad. Thoth, the Master of Magic, Mystery, Language, Alchemy, Sacred Geometry, Numbers, Time, Medicine & the Mystery Schools. It was Thoth who created the manifest universe using the power of language and song. Thoth revealed the words of Ra through sound waves, which became the created and manifest universe. His song created the eight deities of the Ogdoad, the gods Nun, Heh, Kuk and Amun and the goddesses Nunet, Hauhet, Kuaket and Amaunet. The number of Thoth is 8, a number which is synonymous with creation and manifestation. "I am the One who becomes Two, who becomes Four, who becomes Eight, and then I am One again".

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