Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The time of Awakening is Now

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed." Albert Einstein.

The time is now to awaken to our higher selves.  Many people are only beginning to realize their higher abilities and skills, their physic skills.  For many people this can be quite frightening especially if they have no one to share their experiences with.  Often they will have grown up with this feeling that they just knew things, things about people, places past, present and future that by all logical reasoning they ought not to know.   As children we don’t really question things that much, we are more accepting, it is only as we grow older that we need explanations for our experiences.  As a child having this experience you will often feel alone, isolated and different from all the rest.

The intensity of this feeling grows as you grow until a point is reached, probably somewhere between the age of 16 to 20 years, maybe earlier or later, when you just start to block it out, to shut down.  At this point you will often use alcohol, drugs, work etc., whatever you can to block out what you cannot deal with, because it does not fit in with the way you have to live, be and think to conform in this world.  The world we live in does not promote self-exploration, or thinking outside the box, those types of people are generally ridiculed and thought of as crazy, rebellious and nonconformist, as if these are bad things!!  Everybody should be a nonconformist; after all, what are you conforming to anyway, some other man made rules.  When a person is connected to higher consciousness, higher wisdom, higher abilities and skills, they find it almost impossible to live in the world of the conformist.  It is when you, the young child growing up having these higher connections, realizes that you have to conform in every way to this world, this is the time when you begin to shut down, it’s really for self-preservation, well at least that’s what you think at the time, and in a way it is because an open hearted person, trusting, loving, kind and caring tends to get crushed and hurt in this conformist dog eat dog world.  You don’t want to be a dog eater nor do you want to be eaten by the other dogs.  So you the person goes into fear and shuts down your higher connections, it’s just too painful to carry on, nobody understands what you are experiencing and you have come to the conclusion that nobody else seems to see what you see anyway, so maybe it’s you…maybe there is something wrong with you, maybe you are mad, insane.

This is a dark road and all sorts of things are hiding in the shadows to jump out at you when you least expect it.  It’s a cold dark lonely road that you have to walk, and even with a partner and children, you still feel alone.  You walk around in a daze, you are living on automatic pilot, you have stopped really thinking and learning and now you just repeat day after day, the same things, your job, your every routine, your family life, your normal life.  Don’t get me wrong, family is the most important thing and to give birth to and/or to be a parent to children is the most incredible, loving and fulfilling experience, I know I have a beautiful son myself.  The love of a husband, wife, mother, father, brother sister, son daughter etc., is very important to spiritual growth and evolution.  But somewhere along the line we seem to have lost part of ourselves, a part that we closed down a long time ago, a part that is now buried deep in the subconscious, the darkest recesses of your mind.

 You have locked it away in a file marked, DON’T OPEN UNTIL THE TIME IS RIGHT.  You continue your everyday life until one day, somewhere, somehow, something clicks, it could be a simple thing that a person says to you, it could be a song on the radio, it could be a sentence in a book you’re  reading, it could be something you heard on the TV., who knows, but it’s there like an alarm bell, it send shivers up and down your spine and you begin to realize and feel a familiar feeling, you know this feeling, you have felt this before remember?  You knew this when you were a child.

This something that clicks is the beginning of your journey to full circle, you will  begin to realize more and more that everything you are now experiencing is what you already knew and experienced when you were a child but you had blocked it out so well and for so long that you really completely FORGOT.  You can’t believe how you could have forgotten this, the magick, awe and wonder of childhood, the natural connection to the higher realms, your imagination, your creative power.  There are a couple of things that can happen at this point and one of them is that you can go into fear, again!  Re-member, you already did that once before, don’t do it again.  But at this point it can be perceived as being a fearful experience, all channels of higher knowledge begin to open up and you are being flooded with new information, emotions, feelings, thoughts and ideas, you feel your physic, telepathic connections increasing as the days go by.  This can be frightening for many people, especially even now as an adult; you still don’t have anyone to talk to about this or to share this with.  You may have already attempted to share this with family members or loved ones only to discover that their reaction is not what you thought it would be, they think you’re crazy, insane, the mad one of the family, they think that your flakey and just not really very sensible.  If this is your situation, you must summon the courage, knowledge, wisdom and love to realize that people with closed minds are still very much asleep, and this is not a condescending comment, this is just an observation, because after all, remember at one time you were asleep also.  Like sleep walkers you walked around automatically living your life, doing your job, going shopping, cleaning the house, time with the children, it is all being done as we sleep walk our way through life.  But you always have this nagging feeling at the back of your mind that just won’t go away.  A feeling like you have lost or forgotten something very important, a feeling like there is something that you must work out or do, a sense of, Is this really all there is to life?  No sleep walker will ever understand or resonate with where you are coming from unless they themselves WAKE UP.  So at this point you must realize that you have to rise above it, don’t let the negative comments of your family or friends bring you back down the sleep walker’s road.  Stay away from negative people and negative situations as much as you can and if possible cut them out of your life all together.  Rise above it, and use your higher consciousness abilities and skills to be strong enough not to let their comments and hurtful remarks bring you down.  You have to RISE ABOVE IT.  You may even experience verbal aggression and mental abuse from family members and friends, but again you have to remove yourself from the situation.  If you cannot remove yourself physically from the situation or from the people, then you have to remove yourself mentally and spiritually, be the bigger person.  Have the inner vision to know that you are exactly where you are meant to be, right now and always, you are in the perfect place at the perfect time, learning the perfect lesson, even if you don’t like the lesson or the teacher.  Do not let others make you doubt yourself, after all who knows you better then you do yourself?  Do not let the outer world, the world of illusion, make you doubt your inner teacher, you inner tuition, you intuition, after all your inner teacher is really your higher self or higher consciousness, YOU ARE YOUR OWN TEACHER.

Homo sapiens sapiens, that's our latin scientific name, meaning "the man who knows that he knows."  But what does he know exactly?  Not much.  Because he quickly forget those who lived before him.

If you have not or are not experiencing the fear factor of suddenly knowing thing’s, thing’s that you can’t explain how you know, of accessing higher consciousness, abilities and skills.  If you find yourself joyful, excited like a child, passionate, elated by your experience, then you are beginning the most incredible journey of your life.  You have accessed your higher consciousness, your child consciousness and opened up the channels of communication and instead of feeling fear of sensory overload and confusion, you are overwhelmed in the most positive way by the love that you feel.  You feel intense gratitude for  having this experience at this time, you are waking up and its incredible, like being on a roller coaster, you may feel sick at times, you may even wonder, why you got on this ride in the first place? But ultimately you are so excited because you know you are beginning to touch on something so profound, you know this because you re-member when you were a child.  THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR EXCEPT FEAR ITSELF.  Fear of the dark, fear of flying, fear of snakes, fear of ghost and things that go bump in the night, whatever your fear is, it doesn’t matter because all these things have one thing in common FEAR.  In order to raise yourself out of fear you must have courage, be courageous, FACE YOUR FEAR.  Courage is the seeming opposite of fear, where there is fear there is an absence or lack of courage, where there is courage there is an absence or lack of fear.  Turn your courage up and your fear down, think of it as being the opposite ends of the scale, fear on one end and courage on the other, tip your scales all the way out of fear and into courage.

Transmutation, the act of changing from one state to another, the conversion of base metals into gold or silver, the conversion of one element into another, FEAR TO COURAGE, HATE TO  LOVE, ANGER TO CALM, SEPERATION TO UNTIY.  When you preform the act of Personal Transmutation, you change your base state into a higher octave.  You change your base metal of lower consciousness into the gold of higher consciousness.  All the lower emotions and feelings are base i.e.,  fear, loneliness, isolation, bitterness, jealousy, anger, hatred, desire for revenge, desire to destroy, deceit, dishonesty, lack of integrity, lack of morals etc., these are the emotions of the sleep walker.  Re-member, emotions, feelings, thoughts and ideas are things, real things.  The outside world is just the results of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas.  The things of the outside world, the world that exists outside of yourself, the world we refer to as reality, the physical world is impermanent and constantly changing, changing from one form to another, just like the thoughts and ideas in your mind.  The physical solid life we perceive as reality is not solid and permanent, it is constantly being born, growing, getting old and dying, what is permanent or solid about that?  The only unchanging thing is the energy that manifests in all living things, in all animate and inanimate objects, the unchanging, ever living, immortal, all creating, all manifesting energy that creates everything we see and everything we don’t see. 

The SPIRIT is the creating energy, some people call this God, some call it Creator, some call it Allah, some call it Ether, some call it the Unified Field, whatever you call it, it is the only CONSTANT in the universe, it is this unified energy that manifests and incarnates over and over again in all living things, it is everything and everywhere at all times, immortal and eternal, infinity.  In the beginning there was ONE and the ONE became MANY.  At the higher level of your experience you will discover that you are this ENERGY, THIS ENERGY IS YOU.  This is where your journey of re-membering begins.  Re-membering means putting the separated parts or aspects of yourself back together again, in UNITY, ONE.  To dis-member is to separate a unity into many parts, to re-member is to put the separated parts back together again.  Re-member yourself and your Spirit in Unity, as One and you are beginning the most incredible journey of this life.  There has never been a more important time in your life to re-member yourself, that is why you are experiencing the things you have been experiencing.  This is the reason for your being here at precisely this time in this exact place, this is your mission.  To unite Physical and Spiritual, Body and Mind, Spirit and Soul.  There is nothing to fear, this is the journey home, a journey to love and unity, joy, light, life, abundance, wisdom, knowledge, power, peace, harmony and true freedom.

 You are in a Mystery School, you are a student of the greatest Mystery School of them all, the school of LIFE, PHYSICAL LIFE.  When you came here you had to learn how to behave in this physical world, why?  Because you are pure Spirit and your natural state is not bound up in physical form, your natural state is pure Spirit, being everywhere at all times and in all places, being everything in the created and un- created Universe, the Omni-verse.  How could you easily adapt to squashing all this into one small physical form that we call our bodies.

We think with our brain right?  If so, then what is the Mind?  What is the difference between the brain and the mind?  Your brain is a biological computer, it is the hardware and through the medium of your brain you download the consciousness of Spirit,  you could say that the Universe is the Mind of God/Spirit, the part of the Mind of God/Spirit that you can see, feel, hear, taste, smell and touch, but what about the part that you can’t see, feel, hear, taste, smell and touch, the part that is not visible?  The realm of Spirit, this exists even though you may not be aware of it but it is only a matter of time until you do become aware of it, when you go beyond your physical boundaries, your awareness expands.  The only limits are the ones you impose on yourself.  Enjoy your journey and know that there is nothing to fear, you are only re-membering YOURSELF.  You are the Child, the Mother, the Father, the Teacher, the Student, the Master, you are All in One.

All powers in the universe are already ours

It is we who have our hands  before our eyes
and cry that it is dark
We are what our thoughts have made us
So take care about what you think
Words are secondary
Thoughts live, they travel far

When an idea exclusively occupies the mind

it is transformed into an actual physical or mental state
We reap what we sow
we are the makers of our own fate
None else has the blame, none has the praise

There is no help for you outside of yourself
You are the creator of the universe

Like the silkworm
you have built a cocoon around yourself
Burst your cocoon
and come out as a beautiful butterfly
As a free soul.

In one word, this ideal is that you are divine

God sits in the temple of every human body.
Swami Vivekananda (1863 – 1902)

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are born from light. Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the divine power that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."
 Nelson Mandela

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Reiki Healing in Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians practised reiki, this is one of the courses that I am running in Ireland, its all about the ancient healing system of egypt called bio geometric is a system of healing that is based on the symbols for the elements as well as the geometric symbols of the cosmic and terrestrial cycles...the system was the holding or wearing of symbols on or near the body during the healing process, the vibration/frequency of the symbol would re-align the energy vibration/frequency of the body.  The words rei ki mean rei, is same as ray or ra as in the god ra...a ray or rei or ra, is a single frequency/vibration in the spectrum of light, a light ray,  the word ki means earth/body it also means the same as chi or prana or ether, chi or ki is the life force energy, so reiki is light frequency/vibration realigining the energy of the earth/body through the chi or ki energy field...this is totally an ancient egyptian system and the use of symbols in the process of healing comes from the bio geometric healing system of ancient egypt and atlantis....

love light abundance joy success peace freedom wisdom life and power always

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Monday, 8 November 2010

An Initiates Journey Remembered - Initiation at Giza Pyramid

Once more we are moving into a period of planetary initiation. Creating a state of Oneness. Thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt a similar vision existed. The temples and pyramids along the Nile served the purpose of awakening the kundalini energies of specially prepared initiates so they could step into permanent states of divine mastery. The possibility existed then, as it does now, that as more and more people stepped into their divine mastery, it would result in the global awakening of consciousness. Many of us who are feeling called to participate in this grand awakening today also remember being present in these older times. This journey into the sacred temples & pyramids of Egypt is for those who are beginning to remember, for those who wish to deepen their own experience of divine oneness, while at the same time opening up greater possibilities for a collective awakening.




For the first nine months of our life we all lived in water, this is the remembrance and rebirth - as a baby hibernates in the womb ready for birth so shall you, reborn again to follow a path of enlightenment & wisdom
I was taken to the chamber known as the "Womb of the Second Birth" for a period of 7 days inside the Great Pyramid for a symbolic entering into the womb to experience rebirth light after the dark. This chamber is known as the Chamber of Balance because here you  experience the ability to balance the opposite polarities of Light and Dark, Having experienced the Dark in the Pit  the natural human tendency is  to  move towards light, which produces unbalance,  on the 7th day the echoing song of a gong riverberates through the chambers........... AUM ...........The gong's resonance is the very music of the spheres; the heavenly bodies of the universe. My body embraced the sound, and I entered into another dimension where the mind became clear, and in communication with universal knowledge. Messages and answers came to me.. There is was no need to think or analyze; just be and know. My  resistance to familiar patterns of old faded away, as I obeyed the  command to lay within a mummy sarcophagus delivered into the chamber by  temple guardians. Laying inside I was surrounded with scriptures that mystically  come to life as a  hypnotic sleep overcame me to the commanding and yet soothing voice and the powers of hypnosis of the high priest.The coffin I lay in is  lowered down  to the Chamber of Rebirth.


Part one - To experience rebirth in The Chamber of Rebirth 
For 3 days I slept in a semi lifeless and symbolic dream state induced by the hypnosis.

Midnight of the third day ...................the coffin lid is opened and a I wake to the  sounds of mantras  in the chamber as dancing flames of torch light, then a beautiful  song of rebirth swells around the chamber as a Light State of Immortality embraces me, I am overwhelmed with emotion  and embraced in an emotional awakening of love light and rebirth in the warm embrace of  my  colleagues who have arrived to celebrate my rebirth my initiationand elevation to the light has begun, I am commanded to  return home to continue my studies in preparation for the next level during Midsummer

Part two - Light & truth 
Here I must walk  the Hall of Truth in the Grand Gallery

Ascention reaches a greater height in the symbolical attainment of mystical Light here I experience a clear perception and understanding that leads to illumination through the right use of  intellect. The intellectual nature is represented by Air and the blossoming of beautiful thoughts of the mind. Guides assist me and help me to find my way as a blind man to cross the second threshold or the "Place of Crossing the Water of Life".  Two distant gongs, symbolic of the Second Degree resound. Each day I am allowed to increase by two steps and then I am guided back to chambers of instruction for meditation and rest and to endure trials to test my development and worthiness. This ritual continues  until the seventh day when finally I ascend all the fourteen steps arriving at the  great step at the top of the hall where I then enter into the antechamber next to the "Chamber of the Open Tomb" (the King's Chamber).
This antechamber is known as the "Chamber of the Triple Veil". Here the three veils were removed, one at a time and the meaning of each veil was given to me. Once my eyes adjusted to the light and I could see again I found myself in a beautifully decorated room where I was greeted by more members of the brotherhood The bonds established among us of One, as we felt so close to each other we could even feel each other's thoughts!"
I have completed the Second Degree Initiation, and I must wait for the Autumn Equinox.


The Chamber of the open tomb - The Kings Chamber

The Chamber of the Open Tomb is also known as the Hall of Judgment and Resurrection or the White Light Chamber. Here symbolical ceremonies involving the laws of transition, regeneration, resurrection and reincarnation are experienced. Once completed successfully, will no longer be subjected to death, illness or the limitations of linear time. He will be a resurrected body mastering judgment, forgiveness, compassion and the illusions of fear and separateness. A resurrected body into a higher octave of expression . A gong declares the beginning of the rituals, and we follow the torchbearer and enter into the kings chamber where we stand in a line against the north wall, two gongs echoing through the confines of the room and seven robed people enter the room and walk towards the east wall  singing a litany  their  faces are hidden in the shadow of their hoods. The gong was played again three times to announce the entrance of the hierophant, who  took the central position in  the chamber where he informed us of  the resposibilites and duties we must fullfill, and the benefits we would achieve,  he asked us a series of questions that we promptly replied to as a sign of our readiness, he then moved near the rose quartz sarcophagus of symbolical burial, a resonance of vibration echoed the words back and cold chill entered the room, then the hissing sounds of a snake filled the room and before our eyes two Cobras materialized on the floor and started to crawl towards the High priest where they then stood upright as he gazed into their piercing unblinking eyes, he extended his right hand in an ascended commanding swing. And the  charmed dark asps swayed against each other levitating vertically in a sinuous slithering movement until they formed two counter-sinusoids in a synchronized motion when a ray of light shone between the serpents as their faces looked at each other in a hypnotic deadly gaze while their forked tongues flicked out in the typical sweeping motion. They spiraled  around the rod of light, each snake taking an opposite rotation whilst the serpents rotated in this illusion before our eyes the hierophant turned to us and said: Behold the Tempter and the Redeemer, their conflicting natures make all manifestations. And the change of consciousness which they represent leads thee to wisdom. We watched as slowly the enchanting apparition faded away .The torchbearer now approached us and told us to sit. As a sacred act of communion I was offered a sip of  mysterious white power that dissolved in water, after partaking of the Bread of Life I then laid in the sarcophagus of the  tomb for three days. I experienced a feeling of the death of the flesh and this is the symbolical death of Osiris who died and was  resurrected.

The Appearance of AKHENATEN
The energy in  the Temple charged with special vibrations as  the chanting increased then mysterious white figure stood up and moved to the center of the Chamber by the sarcophagus. He drew down the cowl to uncover his countenance. A special halo illumined his body as he started to speak. His extraordinary face  captured the etheral and portrayed the features of nations from the four corners of the earth, I held my breath as he gave us his words of wisdom that the secret of the Path is Life, Light and Love, he  encouraged us to keep those words and their inner meaning deep in our hearts. He expressed his eternal intense love for all Creation, the feeling of Oneness with it and the striving for the unveiling of the flame that dwelleth hidden within the visible sun. I t was Akhenaten thr Grand Master of the Brotherhood and former High Priest of the Temple. As his quite words of guidence and encouragment filled my body with overwhelming light, I had not realized that he had returned to his seclusion and annonomity
The resonannce of a Gong vibrated………….. AUM…………. the primordial sound that was present at the creation of the universe, all things in existence are made up at their most essential level of vibrating, pulsing energy,this energy, which is said to manifest in our hearing awareness as a humming vibration around and within everything else. we were then given an extinguished torch then guided to the East to light our fires to express the inflood of light insight and understanding
After the transformation in the Chamber of the Open Tomb in the kings chamber we were the taken  to the Womb of the Second Birth  the queens chamber for a stabilization and balance.

This is achived and results in full illumination of the initiate once the knowledge learnt in the heart is in full ervice of Humanity.

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The Symbolic meaning of the Tombs in the Valley of the Kings

The tombs which are cut into the rock of the Valley of the Kings, are symbolic representations of a womb. This is the burial place for many of the New Kingdom era Pharoahs. The long cut tunnels of the tombs represent the tunnel through which we pass at death, at the same time they equally representing the birth canal through which we are birthed into a new life. Death on one level is birth on another. The process of mummification which took place over a period of 70 days, was related to the length of time that the star constellation of Orion was out of view below the horizon line, the constellation disappeared from view for 70 days only to reappear again, reborn. The process of mummification, of keeping the physical body intact, was so as that the Ba (soul or divine spark) of the Pharaoh was not obliged to reincarnate. If the physical body remained intact then the soul or ba could continue its work in the afterlife without having to go through the process of reincarnation. Images from the literary composition of the Egyptian Book of the Dead or the Book of Coming Forth by Day ( taken from the pyramid texts), are displayed on many of the tomb walls of the valley. The Book of Coming Forth by Day describes the step by step process that the soul has to go through after death and is concerned with the transformation of the soul in the afterlife or the Duat.

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Pharoah Hatshepsut's Mortuary Temple at Dier El Bahari

Hetshepsut the most famous female Pharaoh of Egypt created her mortuary temple that we know as Dier el Bahari, Here we see the Divine Feminine Principle at work, the female energy reigning for 22 years, Hetshepsut was well respected by the Priesthood of Amun, commanding respect and authority from the priests and the people. Senmut, Hetshepsut's lover, designed the temple with rows of colonnades that reflect the vertical patterns displayed by the cliff backdrop. In this way the temple is a successful example of architectural harmony between man and nature. The temple is dedicated to the creative aspects known as Hathor and Amun. Hathor, the divine aspect of love, music, sensuality, healing, motherhood. The seven Hathors associated with the star system of the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters. Amun the "Hidden One", the "Coiled Serpent in the Mound of Creation", the story of the descent of Spirit into Matter.

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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Mystery School Initiation Workshops with Anntoinnette Glynn of the Flower of Light

Workshop material includes- Astronomical alignments of the Pyramids at Giza, The Mystery of the Sphinx & the Halls of Amenti, Ancient Myth and Mythology, History of the Mystery Schools, the Science of Alchemy, Universal Laws and Principals, Alchemical Healing, The Sirius Mystery, Ancient Astronomy, Ancient Technology, The Secret of the Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry, Pyramid Initiations, The Secret of Amun the "Hidden One", Discover Akhenaton, Thoth and The Emerald Tablets, Hermetic Philosophy, Crystalline Energy Grids, The Chakras of the Nile, Balancing the Chakras, Ancient Meditation Techniques, Raising Kundalini, Ki Energy Connection.

Workshops can be enjoyed as part of your holiday at the flower of Light in Luxor, our next tour begins on the 12th December in Luxor and ends in Cairo on 22nd december 2010.

I am also making arrangments to offer workshop courses in Dublin, Ireland as I will be dividing my time between the two countries.

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Flower of light Holiday Center in Luxor

 The Hermetic Axioms are simple but profound
                                                The All is in All and All is in The All”
                                                                     or put another way
                                      “God is in All and All is in God”

My aim with the building of the Flower of Light center, with running my Retreats and Workshops, is to bring back the Ancient Mystery School Teachings to Egypt and to make the teachings available to all who seek them. To build a beautiful Retreat Center, for all who are in need of a place of peace and tranquility, an oasis for the soul.

Ever since I was a child I wanted to live in Egypt. My first connection to Egypt, came through my father. He was a man who was on his own spiritual journey long before I was born. He had traveled to India and Egypt among other numerous places around the planet. He had a vast and deep understanding of Spiritual Wisdom which I was blessed to have access to. He had a library of books on all sorts of Spiritual Wisdom traditions and practices and he taught me, from a very early age to know the difference between the dogmas and rituals of organized religion and that of Spiritual Wisdom. He was a deeply enlightened human. As I look back, I realize that he was preparing me, all my life, for what I am endeavoring to do now. When I was a child I was reared on stories of Ancient Secrets, the secrets of the incredible feats of the Yogi's of India, the high civilization and technology of the Ancient Egyptians and Maya's etc. but above all, my Dad taught me what all those civilizations and ages had in common, the knowledge of the Unified Spirit within Man. He taught me the knowledge of the Universal Mind, all is Thought and all is created with Thought. He taught me self empowerment, he showed me that the root of all truth can be found only deep within the self, in our own inner space. He taught me that Spirit or God is not separate to the creation, but is the Creation itself. He taught me the knowledge of As Above, So Below, As Below, So Above, the macrocosm and the microcosm. He told me, at a time when he was very sick and nearing his own departure from this world, that not even so called death would destroy our connection, he promised me that our ability of sixth sense communication would not stop, he told me that he would continue to guide and assist me. He is and was a man of his word and today, even though he passed from this planet, we still talk to each other on a daily basis, he continues to guide me in all my decisions and he is my EYE on the higher planes, he gives me a birds EYE view of my future, we work hand in hand together and everything I do in my life is guided by his ever increasing knowledge.

At the time of my Dad's departure from this world, I was working in a large electronic company in Dublin. I had studied electronic engineering after I left school and worked ever since then in this area, but by this time I was trying to figure a way out of it, out of the world of 9 to 5 mindless boring work that brought me no satisfaction at all. I was being mentally and spiritually deprived by my working lifestyle and just couldn't see a way out. I had recently completed a course in Holistic Healing, Holistic Therapy and Ki Energy Massage with the Irish Health Culture Association and was trying to build up a business with this, things weren't going right and I found it very difficult to make the break. My Dad had always had an excellent mathematical mind, which I did not, and he always said that “Maths was the language of the God's” I never quite got the concept of that one at the time. Then one day, just about 3 months after Dad's departure, I was in work and I was looking at some websites to do with Egypt, which I did often to keep myself sane and I came across a site which was talking about the connection between Sacred Geometry, Maths, Quantum Physics and Sacred Symbolism and in particular about the symbol of the “Flower of Life.” On the top of the website page it said “Maths is the language of the God's” where had I heard that before? As I read through the site, it all fell into place, everything that my Dad had been talking about, the concept of Maths being a language, it suddenly made sense and I got a huge kundalini rush. I read further and discovered that the Flower of Life symbol not only described everything that my Dad had been trying to tell me, but that also it was found in the most Ancient Sacred sites around the world, and of course it was also in Egypt, in a Temple called the Osirion in Abydos. You can read about the secrets of the Flower of Light and of Life in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. This led me into an even deeper study on the subject of the connection between maths, the coded language of our DNA, astronomy, astrology, symbolism, quantum physics, gematria (a system of assigning numerical value to an alphabet) electro magnetic energy, zero point energy, alchemy, the light body, ancient myth and mythology. In short the Secrets of the Knowledge of the Ancient and highly advanced Civilizations, those wise and Spiritually advanced races of people that just seemed to disappear off the face of the planet...or did they? Did they understand some profound knowledge that we have forgotten today? The Universal Laws and Principals and the Sacred Law of One?

When I first got the idea to build the Flower of Light Center, on one of our many return visits to Luxor, it came to me in a holographic image, literally! I saw the center in my minds EYE almost exactly as it is today, I was walking down the road past the Sonesta Hotel on the East Bank of Luxor with my husband Dony, we were talking about how it was so difficult for anyone coming to Egypt to find Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Wisdom connected with the Esoteric Mysteries of Egypt. I wondered why? Surely, I thought, there should be somebody here willing to offer this knowledge to Spiritual seekers, after all, an ever increasing number of people coming to Egypt today, come on Spiritual Journeys. I couldn't believe that in the home of the Mystery Schools, Egypt, there was nobody teaching the Mysteries? Why not? So, in that moment, we realized that this was our goal. My mission, was to return the Mystery Schools and the teachings of Thoth, Hermes, to Egypt and to make the teachings available, once again, in the land where the Ancient God's once lived. It was said by the Ancient Egyptians that Thoth (thought) brought humanity into manifestation, Thoth the Scribe, the messenger of the Gods.

When I returned to Ireland after this visit to Luxor, lots of things began falling into place, the memory of a motorbike accident I had when I was 14 years old and the out of body experience I had during the accident. The way I had been saved from the accident by a man who just seemed to disappear into thin air, this man had saved my life, the accident happened at 3 o'clock in the morning on an old country road, and to make things worse it was lashing rain, the chances of me being found by anyone was very slim as the road was not used by many people. This man had come from nowhere and found me, brought me to the hospital and then just vanished. My Dad put adds in the newspapers looking for him, to thank him for saving my life, but he never came forward nor did he ever call the hospital to find out how I was doing. It was very odd, a man who was kind and concerned enough to take me to hospital, you would think that he would want to know if I survived or not, wouldn't you? I also started to remember a dream that began just after I had the accident, a dream that would eventually connect with everything I am doing today.

We set our sights on finding land in Luxor to build the Flower of Light center, we came back to Luxor many many times after to find the right piece of land, we found disappointment after disappointment. Every time we thought we had found the right land, something went wrong. We had just about given up on the idea of buying land but we decided, after long discussion, that we would leave Ireland and move to Luxor anyway and see where it would take us. Long story short, just after we moved to Luxor, we met a guy that brought us to the land that we would eventually build the center on. After sorting out various different things, we moved out of the apartment we were staying in at the Nile, and up to our new land and house. We were living on the land for about six months at this stage and were well into the build of the center, every evening when we would go out to the front of the land and look over at the mountains of the Valley of the Kings, I would always wonder about the mountain right in front of our center because it had something built right on top of it. I didn't know what it was and Dony thought it might be an army base. One night we had an Egyptian friend of ours over, he worked as a Tour Guide, and we were sitting out front of the land, I asked him “Do you know what the building on top of that mountain is?” he said yes its a Temple and the mountain is called Thoth Hill. I nearly fell off my chair and once again I got a huge kundalini rush, I realized in that moment that we had bought the land for the center right in front of Thoth Hill without even realizing it. I knew more surely then ever that we were on the right track. The synchronicity that has flowed and the guidance that I have been receiving since then has been phenomenal. The whole process has been a huge lesson for Dony, Dylan and myself.

I remember, years ago, when I was younger and always hopping from job to job, my Dad said to me one day, after I had just walked out of another good job..he said ”I know what you don't want to do with your life, but tell me, do you know what it is that you do want to do”? I said YES...I told him that, “if one day I found myself in a position where I was working on the Ancient Mysteries and living in Egypt, I would think that I had died and gone to Heaven” WELL, here I am, and who knows, maybe I am in Heaven....

                   Excerpt From the “Kybalion” Hermetic Philosophy..

In Love & Light

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