Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Giza a star gate accelerator - Mystery school tour with Anntoinette Glynn

Join me on this journey of awakening and remembering. Follow the Path of the Mystery School Initiate along the Seven Seals of the Nile. Discovering the Seven Cosmic Keys of Power and Wisdom, Creation and Manifestation. Consciousness (Thoth) the Great Initiator, the Master of Mysteries, will guide us through ever expanding and higher levels of awareness, until we become the Self Initiated, a Conscious Creator.

The pyramids, temples, tombs and symbols of Egypt are but triggers for the remembering of the ancient wisdom, they are not the wisdom itself, for in truth, the Knowledge, the Wisdom, cannot be taught using our finite words and concepts, it can only be experienced, it is consciousness experiencing itself. 20/02/2011=8 or 2+2+2+1+1=8 these numbers are also memory triggers, activation codes, a return to balance, a zero point, a gateway to higher levels of being, to infinite mind and infinite potential. Many people today are experiencing a Quickening, a new wave of Consciousness, a speeding up of their concept of time. Many are asking, Who am I? Why am I here? What did I come here to do? Is this life all there is? What is death? Where did I come from? For those who persist in asking the questions, the answers will surely come, your questions are the Keys. Many are experiencing the chaotic breaking down of their life, isolation, frustration and destruction, the old techniques don't work any more. The chaos and destruction is but death to the old Self and birth to the New, a higher level of You.

Join me on this Life Changing Journey to the Great Pyramid of Giza, the greatest Accelerator of them all, a Star Gate, accelerating the separated particles of our consciousness towards unity. On this day of 10/10/10 we will lie in the sarcophagus of the Kings Chamber, activate our Light Body, our Higher Consciousness, tone the seed sound of Creation, Aum/Om and remember the Greatest Story Never Told, the Greatest Secret of them All. Are you ready? Is this your time? If the Light is awakened in you, it will respond.
for more details of this tour with Anntoinette Glynn please see the flower of ligh website

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