Sunday, 14 November 2010

Reiki Healing in Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians practised reiki, this is one of the courses that I am running in Ireland, its all about the ancient healing system of egypt called bio geometric is a system of healing that is based on the symbols for the elements as well as the geometric symbols of the cosmic and terrestrial cycles...the system was the holding or wearing of symbols on or near the body during the healing process, the vibration/frequency of the symbol would re-align the energy vibration/frequency of the body.  The words rei ki mean rei, is same as ray or ra as in the god ra...a ray or rei or ra, is a single frequency/vibration in the spectrum of light, a light ray,  the word ki means earth/body it also means the same as chi or prana or ether, chi or ki is the life force energy, so reiki is light frequency/vibration realigining the energy of the earth/body through the chi or ki energy field...this is totally an ancient egyptian system and the use of symbols in the process of healing comes from the bio geometric healing system of ancient egypt and atlantis....

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