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An Initiates Journey Remembered - Initiation at Giza Pyramid

Once more we are moving into a period of planetary initiation. Creating a state of Oneness. Thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt a similar vision existed. The temples and pyramids along the Nile served the purpose of awakening the kundalini energies of specially prepared initiates so they could step into permanent states of divine mastery. The possibility existed then, as it does now, that as more and more people stepped into their divine mastery, it would result in the global awakening of consciousness. Many of us who are feeling called to participate in this grand awakening today also remember being present in these older times. This journey into the sacred temples & pyramids of Egypt is for those who are beginning to remember, for those who wish to deepen their own experience of divine oneness, while at the same time opening up greater possibilities for a collective awakening.




For the first nine months of our life we all lived in water, this is the remembrance and rebirth - as a baby hibernates in the womb ready for birth so shall you, reborn again to follow a path of enlightenment & wisdom
I was taken to the chamber known as the "Womb of the Second Birth" for a period of 7 days inside the Great Pyramid for a symbolic entering into the womb to experience rebirth light after the dark. This chamber is known as the Chamber of Balance because here you  experience the ability to balance the opposite polarities of Light and Dark, Having experienced the Dark in the Pit  the natural human tendency is  to  move towards light, which produces unbalance,  on the 7th day the echoing song of a gong riverberates through the chambers........... AUM ...........The gong's resonance is the very music of the spheres; the heavenly bodies of the universe. My body embraced the sound, and I entered into another dimension where the mind became clear, and in communication with universal knowledge. Messages and answers came to me.. There is was no need to think or analyze; just be and know. My  resistance to familiar patterns of old faded away, as I obeyed the  command to lay within a mummy sarcophagus delivered into the chamber by  temple guardians. Laying inside I was surrounded with scriptures that mystically  come to life as a  hypnotic sleep overcame me to the commanding and yet soothing voice and the powers of hypnosis of the high priest.The coffin I lay in is  lowered down  to the Chamber of Rebirth.


Part one - To experience rebirth in The Chamber of Rebirth 
For 3 days I slept in a semi lifeless and symbolic dream state induced by the hypnosis.

Midnight of the third day ...................the coffin lid is opened and a I wake to the  sounds of mantras  in the chamber as dancing flames of torch light, then a beautiful  song of rebirth swells around the chamber as a Light State of Immortality embraces me, I am overwhelmed with emotion  and embraced in an emotional awakening of love light and rebirth in the warm embrace of  my  colleagues who have arrived to celebrate my rebirth my initiationand elevation to the light has begun, I am commanded to  return home to continue my studies in preparation for the next level during Midsummer

Part two - Light & truth 
Here I must walk  the Hall of Truth in the Grand Gallery

Ascention reaches a greater height in the symbolical attainment of mystical Light here I experience a clear perception and understanding that leads to illumination through the right use of  intellect. The intellectual nature is represented by Air and the blossoming of beautiful thoughts of the mind. Guides assist me and help me to find my way as a blind man to cross the second threshold or the "Place of Crossing the Water of Life".  Two distant gongs, symbolic of the Second Degree resound. Each day I am allowed to increase by two steps and then I am guided back to chambers of instruction for meditation and rest and to endure trials to test my development and worthiness. This ritual continues  until the seventh day when finally I ascend all the fourteen steps arriving at the  great step at the top of the hall where I then enter into the antechamber next to the "Chamber of the Open Tomb" (the King's Chamber).
This antechamber is known as the "Chamber of the Triple Veil". Here the three veils were removed, one at a time and the meaning of each veil was given to me. Once my eyes adjusted to the light and I could see again I found myself in a beautifully decorated room where I was greeted by more members of the brotherhood The bonds established among us of One, as we felt so close to each other we could even feel each other's thoughts!"
I have completed the Second Degree Initiation, and I must wait for the Autumn Equinox.


The Chamber of the open tomb - The Kings Chamber

The Chamber of the Open Tomb is also known as the Hall of Judgment and Resurrection or the White Light Chamber. Here symbolical ceremonies involving the laws of transition, regeneration, resurrection and reincarnation are experienced. Once completed successfully, will no longer be subjected to death, illness or the limitations of linear time. He will be a resurrected body mastering judgment, forgiveness, compassion and the illusions of fear and separateness. A resurrected body into a higher octave of expression . A gong declares the beginning of the rituals, and we follow the torchbearer and enter into the kings chamber where we stand in a line against the north wall, two gongs echoing through the confines of the room and seven robed people enter the room and walk towards the east wall  singing a litany  their  faces are hidden in the shadow of their hoods. The gong was played again three times to announce the entrance of the hierophant, who  took the central position in  the chamber where he informed us of  the resposibilites and duties we must fullfill, and the benefits we would achieve,  he asked us a series of questions that we promptly replied to as a sign of our readiness, he then moved near the rose quartz sarcophagus of symbolical burial, a resonance of vibration echoed the words back and cold chill entered the room, then the hissing sounds of a snake filled the room and before our eyes two Cobras materialized on the floor and started to crawl towards the High priest where they then stood upright as he gazed into their piercing unblinking eyes, he extended his right hand in an ascended commanding swing. And the  charmed dark asps swayed against each other levitating vertically in a sinuous slithering movement until they formed two counter-sinusoids in a synchronized motion when a ray of light shone between the serpents as their faces looked at each other in a hypnotic deadly gaze while their forked tongues flicked out in the typical sweeping motion. They spiraled  around the rod of light, each snake taking an opposite rotation whilst the serpents rotated in this illusion before our eyes the hierophant turned to us and said: Behold the Tempter and the Redeemer, their conflicting natures make all manifestations. And the change of consciousness which they represent leads thee to wisdom. We watched as slowly the enchanting apparition faded away .The torchbearer now approached us and told us to sit. As a sacred act of communion I was offered a sip of  mysterious white power that dissolved in water, after partaking of the Bread of Life I then laid in the sarcophagus of the  tomb for three days. I experienced a feeling of the death of the flesh and this is the symbolical death of Osiris who died and was  resurrected.

The Appearance of AKHENATEN
The energy in  the Temple charged with special vibrations as  the chanting increased then mysterious white figure stood up and moved to the center of the Chamber by the sarcophagus. He drew down the cowl to uncover his countenance. A special halo illumined his body as he started to speak. His extraordinary face  captured the etheral and portrayed the features of nations from the four corners of the earth, I held my breath as he gave us his words of wisdom that the secret of the Path is Life, Light and Love, he  encouraged us to keep those words and their inner meaning deep in our hearts. He expressed his eternal intense love for all Creation, the feeling of Oneness with it and the striving for the unveiling of the flame that dwelleth hidden within the visible sun. I t was Akhenaten thr Grand Master of the Brotherhood and former High Priest of the Temple. As his quite words of guidence and encouragment filled my body with overwhelming light, I had not realized that he had returned to his seclusion and annonomity
The resonannce of a Gong vibrated………….. AUM…………. the primordial sound that was present at the creation of the universe, all things in existence are made up at their most essential level of vibrating, pulsing energy,this energy, which is said to manifest in our hearing awareness as a humming vibration around and within everything else. we were then given an extinguished torch then guided to the East to light our fires to express the inflood of light insight and understanding
After the transformation in the Chamber of the Open Tomb in the kings chamber we were the taken  to the Womb of the Second Birth  the queens chamber for a stabilization and balance.

This is achived and results in full illumination of the initiate once the knowledge learnt in the heart is in full ervice of Humanity.

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